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Form Taken From rp_me (lol haven’t dared to post it there though, mostly fillied out the form for fun…shhh I find filling out forms all sorts of fun)

Name: Caitlyn
LJ: swiggle
MSN/YIM/AIM: | N/A | swigglescribble
Timezone: Canada (GMT: -5:00) Semi-Nocturnal – Nocturnal depending on the time of year.

Series You Play: Experienced, Willing To Try, Neutral

Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy 10
Final Fantasy 12
Kingdoms Hearts

DOGS: Bullets and Carnage
Red Vs. Blue
Ouran High School Host Club
Harry Potter
Axis Powers Hetalia
Demon Diary
Get Backers
Azumanga Daioh

Fruits Basket
Resident Evil
Jet Set Radio Future
The World Ends With You
Original Verse (High Fantasy, General, Mafia, Vampire/Werewolf, Urban Fantasy etc etc)

Characters You Play:
I’ll play most characters in fandoms that I know well. This is basically just a list of characters I have played in the past, and other characters I think I could slip into easily. Characters I have experience with will be written in bolded text, and characters that I think I would be easy for me to adapt to/want to try out are written in italics. Originals mean I have an OC in that universe, or I feel comfortable making one up in the universe. I don’t necessarily like OC interacting with Canon, but more OC with OC. However I’m open to either depending on the circumstances.

Naruto: Itachi, Anko, Kakashi, Haku, Yuigto, Hinata, Zetsu, Sai, Hayate, Genma, Three Tailed Beast, Six Tailed Beast, Originals
Final Fantasy 7: Kadaj, Tifa, Vincent, Yuffie, Reno, Yazoo, Shera, Cid, Zack, Originals
Final Fantasy 8: Irvine, Sephie, Rinoa Originals
Final Fantasy 10: Yuna, Lulu, Gippal, Rikku Originals
Kingdom Hearts: Kairi, Axel, Demyx, Saix, Zexion, Larxene
DOGS: Bullets and Carnage: Nill, Luki, Noki
Friends: Pheobe, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Joey
Red Vs Blue: Simmons, Grif, Tucker, Tex, Andy
Ouran High School Host Club: Kyouya, Hikaru, Karou, Haruhi, Hunny, Umehito, Ryoji, Originals
Harry Potter Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Katie Bell, Lee Jordan, Seamus Finnigan, Angelina Johnson, Luna Lovegood, Originals
Axis Power Hetalia: Canada, Germany, Russia
xxxHolic: Yūko, Watanuki, Himawari, Zashiki-warashi, Ame-warashi, Maru, Moro, Makona Modoki, Kohane Originals
Chobits: Chi, Freya, Chitose, Plum, Kotoko, Zima, Dita, Originals
Demon Diary: Eclipse, Reanef V, Erutis, Chris, Meruhesae
Azumanga Daioh: Chiyou, Sakaki, Osaka, Kaorin, Yukari
Get Backers: Genji, Ban, Natsumi, Rena, Shido, Madoka, Originals
Friuts Basket: Tohru, Kyoko, Arisa, Saki, Shigure, Momoji, Hatori, Hatsuharu, Ayame, Kisa, Originals
Resident Evil: Anyone? Originals
Jet Set Radio Future: Beat, Gum, Corn (Tab), Yoyo, Rythe (Mew), Cube, Boogie (Piranha), Garam, Jazz Combo, Soda (Slate), Clutch, Originals
The World Ends With You:Neku, Rhyme, Beat, Shiki, Uzuki, Kariya, Minamimoto, Originals
Originals: I like playing Empaths a lot, as well as kitsunes as according to traditional Japanese myths, Vampires, or mischievous characters. Also have a soft spot for twins and mute characters. Though really anything goes here. I have no really set original verse in mind and many of the OC I have can easily adapt to many situations.

Characters You Want To Interact with:

Anyone from the fandoms listed, and well thought out OCs are a blast too. Although as far as OC’s go, as I said before I prefer OC interacting with OC, however Canon with OC works too. As far as pairings anything goes as long as it can be made to work. Non-Canon pairings are great because I think they provide interesting dynamics. However that being said. I don’t pair up my Itachi with many people, only Hidan. And that particular pairing I only rp with one person as it is very special to me. Sorry for those that ship Itachi/Anyone else. I don’t do it. I just don’t have the muse for it.

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing

RPing is fun, it’s a game. Albeit a game I take very seriously, but in all reality a game. I enjoy it a lot and I do use it to get away from Real Life crap and wank. It’s a stress reliever. I dislike that drama, crap and wank being dragged into RPing which is why I’ve shied away from the larger comms and retreated to small comms.

That being said I am very into character discussion and development. I can seriously talk for hours on end about how characters interact and their feelings about certain things. I love it, and I really think it’s a great exercise in terms of developing character.

I enjoy para-rping and action tagging. I’m much slower at para-rping due to RL happenings unfortunately, but action tagging allows for speed and often develops into para-rping. So either one is acceptable for me. I may take longer for para-rping, but my replies tend to get a little tl;dr, so if you want shorter replies just let me know.

I will say, like most RPers, I despise blatant OOC-ness and Mary-Sue-ness. There’s your own interpretation of a character and creativity then there is OOC and Mary-Sue territory. I will most likely, depending on the situation will most likely try help a little to correct this (How is one supposed to get better otherwise?) I would love it if you gave me concrit and pointers to make my characters better as well! Good and bad.

I’m a little bit of a Grammar Nazi when it comes to my own work (though I don’t catch all the errors before I send a tag, I just gripe about them afterwards) but I really don’t care when it comes to others as long as it is legible (and please, please no chat speaking, I loathe that).

AU or Canon RP verses are great! I am particularly fond of AU’s. I think they are interesting to work with. You can do so much more with them too. That goes for crossovers as well!

- Logs that are Darker in nature.
- Character developmennnttttttttttt
- Smut is all well and good too
- …so is Crack once in awhile
- Love/Hate relationships are amazing
- Love slash, but I play Het and Yuri too

- Meaningless, shameless smut. Build up please?
- Over the top fluff

- I am horribly shy, even at the Comm I run, I do most things in the background where no one can see me and let my Co-mod handle the public stuff. Though I get better once I get to know you
- On that note I’m also easily intimidated
- I’m a little paranoid and self-conscious of my RPing
- We don’t just have to talk about RPing!
- I love to RP as often as I can! Though RL currently gets in my way a lot and I often get sick and unable to do a lot let alone RP much to my dismay. So I can be slow to reply to tags
- Mostly online 24/7

Do you do smut: Yes. Not the shameless kind though. There must be build up. I will not sacrifice character for Smut. I do mostly Yaoi/Slash, though I have nothing against RPing Het and Yuri relationships either.

Anything else you want to add?:

You can check out my profile on my journal if you want to know more about what I’m like. I prefer RPing over Gmail actually because it’s neat, and it auto saves your logs even if your comp crashes which is great. I’m on there 24/7 as well as MSN. Though it tends to be messy. AIM is great too, but I don’t go on it very often at all. Usually per-request.

I’m willing to familiarize myself with almost any character in a fandom if you want to. I also love being introduced to new (even obscure) fandoms so don’t be afraid to suggest something if you think I might be good at it. I also ship EVERYTHING (except Itachi) with EVERYTHING. Though I do prefer to play uke-ish (I say ish, because most of the time they are kinda feisty, and most likely put up a fight) characters, though I can try my hand at seme. Any character can work with another if given time. I also have been know to play OT3’s even OT4s. That’s all well and good too.

Other Links:

Profile Page

Series/Suggestion Post (For those that want me to familiarize myself with a certain fandom etc)

Feel free to comment here or send me an email if you are interested in RPing a little? Or leave concrit on my muses here. That’s all welcome here too. I love Concrit!
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